Hard Work Motivational Quotes

1.    “A dream does not become a reality through magic; it takes sweat; determination and hard work” by Colin Powell.

The author in this quote is trying to explain that whatever a person dreams which can be of anything like to dream of a good life, a good fortune, a family etc. For all these dreams a person has to work hard in order to gain these things. That person has to be fully determined to work until he transform his or her dream into a reality because to transform into a reality you cannot do simply magic and transform your dream into a reality.

Author about Hard Work Quotes

The author tells us that you have to work really hard, have to be determined and put in all the effort to achieve the target. It can be related to anyone who has their own goals, in order to achieve your goals hard work is the main ingredient.

2.    “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love what are you doing or learning to do” by Pele.

In this quote the author explains that the success does not come over night, it goes through a series of tough changes to reach that point where the person can be successful. These series of changes are that the person has to do hard work. Go through the phase of learning related to the field he or she wants to be successful in. Studying the related content which will keep you moving towards your goal. A person has to sacrifice all the desires in order to stay focus. To stay focused it is really important that person should love what he or she is doing. If the person does not love then a person can really lose the motivation during the process.

More Hard Work Quotes 2018

3.    “Without hard work nothing grows but weeds” by Gordon B.Hinckley.

The author in this quote is explaining that just like weeds it grows without any care. It is a wild plant and there is no care and hard work needed to grow it. To grow a fruit plant it takes hard work and the care. Due to the hard work put onto the plant then it is ready to provide fruits just like that to achieve your goals hard work is necessary.

Hard Work Quotes

Hard Work Quotes

Hard Work Quotes about Success

4.    “Success is not always about greatness. It is about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come” by Dwayne Johnson.

The author explains it that success is not always refer to be great at something for just a time. It is more about how much a person has put his or her time and effort into this. Effort should be consistent, there should be no break in order to achieve the greatness.

5.    “I learned the value of the hard work by working hard” by Margaret Mead.

This quote shows that to determine the value of any work, it can be determined by how much you put your effort into it. Working hard will show you the true meaning of that work that you are doing.

6.    “There is no substitute for hard work” by Thomas Edison.

The quote describes that to achieve something the main ingredient is always be the hard work. There is no alternative for that. No intelligence or talent can replace the hard work to gain success.

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Hard Work Quotes

Hard Work Quotes

Glory Hard Work Quotes Step by Step

7.    “Glory is attained by hard work, step by step” by Ma Long.

The quote says that to achieve the prize or the goal it can only be achieved by hard work. This hard work is done through different phases.

8.    “Only true love can fuel the hard work that awaits you” by Tom Freston.

The quote says that to be able to keep on working hard it is important that you love that thing because only you can face the difficulties that come during the process. So make sure that what ever you do make sure to love it.

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