Famous Family Quotes

Following are some famous family quotes.

Quote 1 “A happy family is but an earlier heaven”. By George Bernard Shaw

This is among the famous family quotes by George Bernard Shaw, in which the author lighten up the importance of a happy family. According to the author, if a family is happy and all the family members love each other, then this would be definitely a heaven on earth.

If you want to see the heaven before the one in the life hereafter, live with your family happily and with love. This quote can be used to tell the importance of a family and its worth to the one who do not regard his family. This family quotes can make him realize how important a happy family is and why he should love his family.

Family Quotes

Family Quotes

Family Quotes related to Men & Women

Quote 2 “A family can develop only with a loving woman as its center”. By Friedrich Schlegel

In this family quote, the author is trying to show us the importance of a loving mother. He believes that a loving mother can be the only source which can make a stronger family.

The strength of the family depends upon the behavior of the women and the way she educate her children. If she is a loving mother and guides her children to love and respect each other. Then there will be no one who can defeat this family. This family quotes shows the bonding can be made stronger by the woman. Woman holds every relation together i.e., among the children, with his partner, and among the father and children. Every relation depends on the loving mother which can turn the family into a heaven.

Family Quotes

Family Quotes


Family Quotes for Nature & Health

Quote 3 “Family, nature and health all go together”. By Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton John said a very wise family quotes. According to the author, there is a strong connection between the family, nature, and health. If you want to enjoy the nature to its fullest, or you want to enjoy good health, this will only happen if you are with your family.

This family quote shows how family is an important part of our life. We cannot live on our own; we need our people to live with. And none other than family members can fill this space.

Humans are social animal and need to love with other people and interact with them. But the best people to live with are the ones with whom we have blood relations. If we stay away from the family, we will miss the fortunes of nature as well as we will not enjoy good health.

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Family Quotes

Best Family Quotes 2018

Quote 4 “Having a place to go – is a home. Having someone to love – is a family. Having both – is a blessing”. By Donna Hedges

In this Family quotes, the author has beautifully described the importance of a family and a home. If some has a family to stay with and a home, he is the luckiest person. It is a blessing that family is loving and all the family members love to stay with each other in their home.

This is truly a blessing for a person who has a home and has the family members who love each other and care for each other. A happy family gives a person happy place to live, and both of these things become the source of his inner happiness which can give the person a happy and satisfied life with full of love. But if someone does not have a family with him, or a place to live with together with them, then he is missing the true blessings of the life.

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